We have reached an interesting point in history. A point where just as technology is pushing the human experience to the farthest extent, the cultural heartbeat is pushing back. Just as the digital world is enabling us to connect with more people faster, we crave a close and meaningful world with those who are closest to us. As craft breweries and local creameries pop up and bring together the community, it’s time, too, for a gamery. As people turn back time to enjoy vintage fashions and vinyl, it’s time, too, to slow down and sit across the table with good people to enjoy games. Escape the daily humdrum of this tired world and go with us yonder. 


- Founders


We're a family startup game company from Boise, Idaho.

One summer growing up we counted all the games in our house. There were 136. With 5 kids, our house was always at play. Now we are grown and spread out in different cities across the west coast. You could say that we were passionate about our board game ideas and you’d be right. But it might be more accurate to say that living far apart, we wanted a way to spend more time together and it all started there. 


But more than that, it seems unfair that now that we’re grown we should have any less reason to play than when we were kids. We think play is the best way to bring people together, and we hope our games do just that.


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Whether you’re related by blood or friendship, games are an excuse to see the people you like more. 


We think that adults are just big kids, and we deserve to set aside our troubles and have fun too. 


Fun and ease go hand in hand. We’re working hard to make our games as easy to learn as possible. 


As technology proliferates our lives, there’s something sacred about putting it down to make memories.

We think that adults have just as much reason to play as kids. And that they can and should have a few magical qualities.



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